‌The body of woman as a battlefield

This is a live participatory performance at 2014 Carnegie Mellon University MFA exhibition (GDP). A video is produced in which visitors will narrate dialogues of a play, The body of woman as a battlefield by Matei Visnies. Participants are putting themselves in position of characters of the play. The performance is broadcasted live on this website.

Playwright: Matei Visnies
Director: Nima Dehghani
Technology Director: Behzad Tabibian

The war in Bosnia seems to be fading in our consciousness to become a macabre page in history. Andmore and more, we have the tendency to forget. For other wars, other macabre pages in contemporary history are being written... Unfortunately, one thing persists: nationalistic fervour. Civil society and themodern world have never been so threatened by base nationalism of a populist and violent nature.This was the original motive for my play: to write as a way of trying tounderstand.To try andunderstand how this mechanism transforms normal people into brutes, ordinary people into savages.

To try and understand how, in the middle of Europe at the end of the 20th century, we are having toconfront, yet again the murderous folly of a war with all the ingredients of a new world war. Is thenationalist fervour in the Balkans the price we must pay for the final departure of communism? If thisis the case, then that Utopian concept, responsible for the deaths of 100 million people hasn't yet cometo an end, and even after the announcement of its death, it continues to poison our lives. Thegenerations who have never known state communism, are still at risk of suffering perhaps even morefrom the failure of any overall plan to silence it, than those who were directly the victims.But even more painful still, is the observation that nationalism is making headway even in thosecountries with strong democratic traditions, even in countries which have known long periods of prosperity. Nobody is safe, apparently, when the identity ogres begin to roar. Perhaps the real drama of the world today is that, without idealism, people go in search of their roots instead of their wings.

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